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Divine Chamomile. 
This Lip Balm is not just a "beautify" product, it is a prayer that has been witnessed growing from a seed to resilient medicine. 
Ingredeints:  Matricaria chamomila(chamomile), calendula, cacao butter, sunflower oil & beeswax.
made: In San Francisco, local, organic w/love
Chamomile body and pirit: 
Chamomile has been used to support the many systems in our body such as the digestive, respiratory, nervous, skin and more. Since march 2017, I've been deepening my relationship with chamomile by taking the plant everyday in different forms and deeply allowing the plant to influence my journey. Chamomile has and continues to teach me many lessons, so I share this with you and with a lot of love.
Each flower opens their petals up and then out, as the sun starts rising. Chamomile will dance as the sun moves across the sky and will calmly close when the sun sets. Chamomile will still dance even if the sun only seems to apear for only 13 seconds a day. If it is raining, windy, or above 99 degrees, Chamomile will remain soft, still holding a resileint prayer to the sun. Chamomile loves the sun and offers alot of petals to the sun everyday, especially on cloudy days. It knows when to let go. It knows how to offer abundantly. Chamomile also teaches humbleness as an action not just a simple empty word. It also teaches us how to be in our power from a place of gentleness. Each flower is a portal to time travel to different realms and dimensions. Some of those flowers will take you to the past to learn about yourself and to see if you are ready to call some of that energy that has gotten stuck in dreams, places of trauma, susto, y mas.. back into your body. Chamomile shares that it is just as powerful as the "Master plants" and that all plants are "Masters". As I lay next to the Divine (Chamomile), it softly whispers to my ear, "Continue cuddling me, as I worship the sun, hold space, and open portals of transformation".
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Oral tradition is indigenous"science" knowledge and is respected

Know that when you apply this lip balm, it is a prayer that has been witnessed growing since it was a seed. W/love and consent. 
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Sun Worship Lip Balm