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Make Your Own Incense Cones

January 3, 2017

Why would you want to make your own Incense?

By making our own incense, we know exactly what plants and resigns are being used and we don't have to worry about potentially toxic fillers in our incense. Always keep in mind that ingredients and our intentions go into everything we make (food, medicine, art , etc.). This is very intentional medicine. Incense cones do not require charcoal which makes them super accessible. Keep in mind that even though we are not using chemicals , I recommend burning them in ventilated spaces.



Grinder: You could use an electric grinder, however I do not use an electric grinder because I like to let the plantitas and resigns get to know each other. I use a Molcajete, or a small mortar & pestle. You could even use a bowl with a small cup to grind.  *be careful , you don't want to hurt yourself*




Container with Label: You always want to label your medicine. Since you wont be able to put a label on the incense cone, you can use a small labeled container to place your incense cone.


1 teaspoon.


All of the herbs I will be using were picked and dried by me, except the Copal. Make sure your herbs have been dried before doing this or there will be a good chance that your incense cone will turn out moldy. 

You do not need every single plantita, however I used:


1 table spoon of dry lavender

6 leaves of dry white sage

chunk of copal

1 cempazuchi flower 




Step 1

I start by smudging myself and my work space with Palo Santo, and I called in the directions and the spirits of my Abuelitos. However, if you can't have smudging for (x) reason; take a look at your medicine, thank them for being in your bowl, and set your intention.  


My intention with this incense cone is Calmness(lavender), Prayer(sage),Protection(cempasuchi), and Cleansing(copal)


Step 2


Grinding Time!

I start by putting each herb one at a time, so it is easier to blend. Remember to introduce them to each other, let them dance and communicate with one another. 



Step 3

I like my cones to have some texture, so I do not grind the herbs completely. After grinding, add 2 teaspoon of water and start shaping it into a cone. 


Step 4


Final Product!

Let it dry for 2-4 days before using. 


Enjoy !!








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